Thanks to its low speed and the ability to fly at very low heights, a paraglide gives the opportunity to take photos of the superior quality. It is not a problem to get the photo resolution allowing to notice details such as single tree leaves.

We offer pictures taken at different angles: from panoramic views to geodetic shots of the ground. Oblique photographs are taken at an angle. This kind of pictures express well the perspective and relief of land.
Sometimes this is the only way to show in one picture a whole property or surroundings. Aerial oblique pictures assure better presentation and provide viewers with more information than traditional photographs taken from the ground at eye level.

Oblique shots are very useful for documentation of investments, road construction works and monuments. They are a priceless tool for the real estate industry, local governments and enterprises. Aerial oblique pictures can be used to enhance promotional materials, presentations and websites.

Vertical photographs are another type of aerial pictures – they are taken straight down.

They are used to create photomaps for multiple uses in countless fields: investment planning and monitoring, environmental protection, crisis management, agriculture, forestry, emergency services, promotion, archeology, geodesy, cartography and for GPS use. We specialize in aerial vertical photographs of the quality unreachable for the civil commercial satellite pictures. We offer photo maps of any size e.g. of a property, a town or a borough. Despite their size the pictures can be viewed at any scale the same way as the maps offered by the most popular search engine producer. The difference is that in our pictures the high resolution is retained.
fotomapa mroczy
Photo map of the Borough of Mrocza (Poland)

The cost per hour of a paraglide flight is multiply times lower than the cost of a plane flight and it is reflected in competitive prices of our services. Some areas can be photographed by a paraglider only due to obstacles affecting safety and plane maneuvering. Photographs of many areas are available, however they were usually taken few years ago. We can provide current pictures of any area.

Aerial video

We offer video shots. A paraglide can fly at very low speed and- in certain conditions- it can even hover, therefore we are very flexible while operating the camcorder, unlike the operators using jibs, cranes or ropes.